7 reasons to not join paid to click websites

Making money online could be fun and rewarding. However, most newbies don’t know that there are thousands of companies online which can scam you. One such model of scamming people is paid to click websites. They may pay you but there are several reasons to not join these paid to click websites. Lets have a look at them.

reasons to not join ptc websites

Why you should not join PTC websites?

1. Very low wages:

If you have already tried these PTC websites then you already know what I am talking about. Yes, they pay you less than a cent for clicking others’ advertisements. So you spend good 15 to 20 minutes everyday on these websites and all you get for the day is 1 or 2 cents per website. Does that make any sense? I am sure you know that it doesn’t.

2. Unethical and illogical:

Why do people advertise? They do it to get customers. Right? Then what is the point of the advertisements which are just being clicked for the sake of money? So all the money goes into the account of these websites. Advertisers lose their money by advertising on these websites because all ads are just being clicked for money. There is no direct interest of customers in the product.

On the other hand, users get very little part of the money. So majority of the amount is banked by these websites. Now lets see why it is illogical. These types of business model don’t survive for long. Either advertisers run away or the users. That is why most of them are shut in six months or so. So both advertisers and users lose their money.

3. Referrals don’t last long:

You may already have read on the internet that you have to grow your referrals lists in order to earn money from these websites. Even if you manage to get good direct or rented referrals; do you think they will survive with them for long? Does everyone have time to grow their lists? One of the biggest scammers like Neobux is making hell lot of money with this idea. You can read on how rented referrals is their game plan to fetch money out of your pockets.

4. No street address of the company:

Most of these websites are run by individuals these days. There is nothing like company as it is easy to set this up by an individual. There are direct templates available on the internet. These scammers open one such website and then they shut when their bank accounts are full. There is no street address available on these websites. So you can not catch them if you lose your money after they shut it.

5. Wastes your time:

This is the most important point out of all. Newbies join them by thinking that they will earn more. They spend good month or so and click advertisements everyday. After few days they realize that how little they have made for plenty of time they gave. They leave after this and realize how much time they have wasted.

6. Some don’t pay at all:

Some of them are literally scam. They will either shut the business when they have made money or they will block your accounts. They do this because they don’t want to pay you. One comes to know this when they have requested their first minimum payout. You will find people discussing in internet forums about this.

7. You lose your money:

These websites have very great designs. They will make beautiful upgrade plans. There will be attractive features listed there. So newbies don’t pay lot of attention in reading reviews. They will upgrade their membership in the beginning itself. They regret once they come to know that even after upgrading, it is still a referrals game. So they decide to quit. So their hard earned money is wasted forever.

This is my attempt to stop all those people who decide to join such low paying scams on the internet. There are better ways to make money online on the internet.

I hope these reasons will convince people who are reading this article. This is my sincere attempt to shut these websites forever. If you feel that sharing this article will save time of precious human lives then don’t forget to share it wherever it is required.