How to copy WhatsApp status on Android

Although you can copy WhatsApp status using WhatsApp Web, you don’t have to login into WhtaApp Web now. Yes, you can do that straight from your Android device. In fact, not just WhatsApp, you can pretty much copy anything from any other apps which otherwise doesn’t let you copy. You can copy text from different apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr etc.

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To copy WhatsApp status of your friend or anyone in your contact list follow the following steps in order.

Step 1: Download and install an app called Universal Copy which is offered by Camel Corporation. You can download it from here.

Step 2: Open the app Universal Copy and turn on the accessibility for this app. You need to grant a permission to this app so that it can read all the text that you type. Do not worry as it doesn’t collect your passwords. So, the first time when you open this app, you will get an option to turn it on. Click Ok when you see the following screen.

copy whatsapp status using universal copy

Step 3: Activate Universal copy by turning on the option as shown below.

activate universal copy on android

Step 3: Open a WhatsApp profile whose status you want to copy. Tap on contact’s name to open a profile like this.

whatsapp profile to copy status

Step 4: From the notifications of your Android device, activate Universal Copy mode.

activate universal copy mode

Step 5: Now, simply tap on WhatsApp status of the profile to copy it. Once selected, copy it to clipboard by pressing the copy to clipboard icon from the top.

copy whatsapp status on android

Now, just long press and paste it anywhere on your phone. In one go, you can select multiple fields to copy. Suppose in this case, you want copy the number also then you can select the number also.

You can also copy WhatsApp status from WhatsApp Web the same way by opening the profile and then selecting the status. The method discussed here is feasible because the app Universal Copy works with other apps too and you can copy text from there too.

Update: If your phone has Marshmallow or later OS then you can now simply copy text from any app using Google now on tap. You will not need any other app.