Useful features of AirDroid Application

AirDroid is an application for Android phone users. With this application one can connect to their phone through either a web interface or a desktop app. This is possible without any cable attached to the phone. Yes, you heard right. No cable.

You can do a lot of things after you connect your phone. I have been using this app since a long time and I found some of the very useful features of Airdroid. These features can be used on daily basis to effectively handle your phone while you work on a desktop or a laptop.

After successful use of this app, I noticed following useful features of this great app. These are some of the uses which I use a lot, you may find some more uses after you start using it.


When you login to the web interface through Airdroid Web, you will see Toolbox on the right hand side as shown in the image below.

airdroid web toolbox
AirDroid Web Toolbox

Toolbox is that section of the web interface which I use often. It offers option to upload files and folders right from your computer to your phone. The other useful feature which I use here the most is URL. You can simply enter any URL here. It opens the same URL in your phone’s browser. This particular feature is very useful when you want to instantly share URL from your phone. You can type any text in Clipboard and the same you can paste it anywhere in your phone. From the App tab. one can upload any apk files directly.

On the left, you will see panel of icons. All of this are very useful for managing your phone effectively.

airdroid web iconsYou can manage your phone’s files and folders the same way as when you connect your phone through a cable. Apart from those standard actions, there are other benefits of using AirDroid Web. You can read your messages and also you can reply or send new messages from here. One can also check call logs and call contacts from here.

You can remotely handle camera of your phone using the camera option. It allows you to capture image and save it to the computer instantly. One can also use this to capture screenshots using screenshot option.

Find Phone

This option allows you to locate your phone. If its lost then you can ring your phone or wipe the data of your phone with this option. One interesting feature here is intruder. If the intruder tries to open your phone but fails to unlock then this option will capture his/her face. Intruder option is available only for premium members.

Airdroid desktop application

Airdroid desktop application offers some more options. Now, you can share large files through email with Airdroid desktop application. It also gives push notifications on desktop for various activities on your phone. Airdroid team have come up with another great feature and that is AirMirror. With AirMirror, one can write on any apps through physical mouse and keyboard but it needs a rooted device.

So, if you will like to give hands on to this app then you can download it from here.

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